Applications and software

Common Software and Applications That are Helpful to People

Technology has brought ease of life that everybody has welcomed with two hands. Great developments have been seen in software and hardware depending on the different consumer needs. Whether you want to keep your records, do artwork, communicate, manage temperature controls in your hotel cold room, all this demands the use of computer software to suit the specific need.

Different professions will use various software to do their work, apart from that, everybody has something they want to do on their computers to fulfill some need of their lives. Some software and applications will be put to more use than others and I want us to look at some of the most commonly used, some of the most helpful

The Anti-virus software

antivirusOur computers need to be kept safe from the many viruses that can easily harm your computer. Some attack our document files, programs and some may just as well kill the functions of our computers. A good antivirus is always handy, especially if it can run in the background, it will help protect our computers all the time even without our knowledge. It informs us immediately it detects a virus threat.

A web browser software

Who doesn’t need the Internet? With Facebook, Twitter and Google being a place where most people click to, the Internet is one need for most people. While others need to research and others are sending mail, some are watching YouTube videos and so on. The Internet, therefore, makes the browser very necessary

The Microsoft office

Who doesn’t need the Microsoft Office applications like Excell, word, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook? What can we do without these? They are very competent apps that help us with basic work on our computers. Whether working on a written document, dealing with figures, making a document for publishing, all these demands such apps and the office application does it well.

A media player

Music, videos, tutorials are part of the life of most computer users. The media player helps us access the kind of media files we need to deal with our work. Sometimes we need the music to relax or watch a video for fun. Additionally, we can use the converter for audio to download music from the Internet in a format that is compatible with our media players. It’s, therefore, part of the basic software needed.

The OS (operating system)

ApplicationsThis is the mother of all of them, it’s not software but truth be told, how do we access the rest without the operating system? The OS makes it possible for the others to function. We can call it the foundation on which the other applications are built upon. It is that beautiful screen that greets you when you open your computer.

All said and done, the world of technology is developing as much as the needs of us humans increase. This means more software will come up to fit the upcoming need but before then, we can agree that these are basic and helpful.

Various Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are little and self-contaminated programs that are used to enhance some of the existing functionality in a very user-friendly and straightforward way. Due to the advancement in technology, most of the modern smartphones come with powerful web browsers which imply that you can do anything with your phone even on a desktop computer. Therefore, many various mobile apps operate different based on their custom settings. Most of these apps fall under different categories based on their functionality.

If you are planning to download a certain mobile app, make sure that you know how to use it. This is because there are many apps that are too complicated. One of the finest app on the market today is the Mobdro app. Most people download this mobile app for free because it provides entertainment and free online video streams. This is one of the reasons why most people are using Mobdro App. The following therefore are some of the various types of mobile Apps.

Native Apps

ppoiuytrdcvbnmNative Apps are mainly developed or created for the use of one particular device or platform. This type of a mobile app offers a high degree of reliability and fast performance. However, this is one of the expensive apps to develop because it is only tied up to a single type of operating system. You will, therefore, realize that most video games that you play using your smartphones are native mobile apps. Most of the apps that you download from app stores fall under native apps.

Hybrid Apps

These types of apps are mainly built using multi-platform web technologies such as Javascript. Just as the name suggests, these apps are website applications that are disguised in a native wrapper. One of the main benefits you are likely to get from these apps is that they are relatively easy to develop and they are fast. However, if you try to compare hybrid apps with native apps, you will realize that hybrid applications lack overall optimization, speed, and performance.

Web Apps

oiuytredsxcvbnjkThese are mainly software applications that are similar to the native apps. They use technologies such as Javascript to provide navigation, customization capabilities, and interaction. Most of these apps became popular when the HTML5 came around. However, web applications need a specific device memory to function. Also, when using these apps, you need to ensure that you have a strong network because if your network is poor, then you would result in bad user experience.